Beta changes

Major changes:


• Bow weapon: By pressing [ 2 ] on the keyboard, the player will switch to a bow weapon, which he can shoot in the main 4 directions.

• Spear weapon: By pressing [ 3 ] on the keyboard, the player will switch to a spear weapon, which is longer and more powerful than the sword, but has a smaller collision.

• The player is now invulnerable shortly after being damaged.

• The player will regain health by killing enemies. The amount of health they drop is randomized.


• Eye-guardians: Ranged enemies that will shoot the player on sight whenever they get too close. They are easier to kill with a bow.

• Skeletons: High-damage enemies. They move faster when the player is close to them. At the same time, if the player wanders too far away from them, they'll hide on the ground, so they can't be hit with ranged weapons.

• Eye boss: The final boss is introduced. He is invincible as long as he has minions around him. To make him vulnerable, the player must kill all other enemies first, using the bow to reach the Eye guardians who are unreachable by foot. The boss fight has 3 stages, and with each increment, both the boss and the enemies get more intense.

HUD & Graphics:

• Weapon: In the display now the player can see which weapon they are holding, represented by an icon next to their health.

• All the maps now have a themed tileset.


• Music will play on the menu, death screen, victory screen, first level and boss battle.


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Apr 16, 2018

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