Player movement:

The player can no longer move while they attack. Only once the attack animation is finished the player can resume moving.
The player now starts with 8 Health Points


Menu Screen:
    Menu screen has two options, Begin game and Quit.
    Begin game will start the game.
    Quit will close the application unless it's running on web.
Victory Screen and Death Screen:
    Both screens have the same buttons. The victory screen is displayed when the player reaches the goal of the dungeon.
    The death screen is displayed when the player loses all of their Health Points.
    The options on these screens are:
    Return to main menu.
    Quit Application.

New Objects Introduced:

  •  Doors: Doors will only open if the player is carrying a key with them. Once the door is opened, one key will be be deducted from the player.
  • Keys: Can be found on treasure chests and sometimes enemies. Can open doors.
  • Chests: Will open once the player touches it. Will almost always carry a Key within it.

    Enemies can now fly over pits, but still collide over walls and the player.


Alpha build 4 MB
Mar 06, 2018 5 MB
Apr 02, 2018

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